OOO - Fiber Pattern Lamp


The new Fiber Pattern Lamp the 'Out Of Order’ is an extremely light weight cylindrical construction consist solely of wound industrial yarn, reinforced with resin, resembling a three dimensional line work suspended in space.

At first glance the yarn pattern may appear to be perfectly ordered, but a closer look would reveal a transition between a regular and a non-uniform pattern. The warped lines are the result of various tweaks in the robot's program, which challenge the grip of the yarn on the mandrel during the production process. The unpredictable interwoven patterns may give the impression that the robot has developed a mind of its own. They generate a fascinating optical illusion of distortion and make each and every lamp created truly unique.

Out Of Order is the result of a collaboration between Amsterdam based interdisciplinary design studio BCXSY and Rotterdam based design studio Atelier Robotiq.

Length: 105 cm

Diameter: 13 cm

Length cord: 150 cm (adjustable)

LED tube: 16,5W (100W), 100 cm 2700K 230V

dimmable opale, warm-white

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