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UFO large

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UFO - large

The Fiber Pattern Lamp is made of resin-impregnated fibers. The fibers are wound with a industrial robot around a mold in geometric patterns.
The result is a lightweight and strong lamp. The diameter is 80 cm with a height of 24cm (31.5x9.5 inches).
The first serie is a UFO shape and available in the colors: Charcoal Black, Chalk White and Copper

The copper pendant, the braided cotton cord are the details that complete the style. You can order one of our Edison style LED bulbs besides the Fiber Pattern Lamp to have a good light match.

Note: the color of the Large UFO is darker than the medium and the small variant, which we call Light Copper. 

Delivery time: 5 weeks

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Atelier Robotique LOCATION17630-v7.jpg
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