Atelier Robotiq is a design studio from Rotterdam, founded by designers Søren Blomaard and Anne-Lise Heydra. Their different approach to design lies in the diverse combination of knowledge and their different backgrounds combining aerospace engineering, product design, fine arts and robotics. This unique combination leads to unexpected and exciting products, of which the first are the Fiber Pattern Lamps. A series of light fixtures made by weaving of fibers into geometrical patterns using an industrial robot. Currently, we are working on new lighting designs, furniture and installations.

We have chosen to build and program our own second-hand industrial robot (old welding robot from the automotive industry), which enables us to manufacture all our designs ourselves in our atelier, which is located in the city center of Rotterdam, next to Central Station.

We are open for challenges and interesting collaborations, so if you have a special product design, project or installation in mind, please feel free to contact us.